Imprimis Airedales

Quality Airedale Terriers, Whitewater, WI. Lisa Berglin




                                    Photograph: Collection of Lisa M. Berglin
Often times when someone becomes involved with a breed, they begin to collect interesting and historic items about the breed. For the collectors of Airedale antiques and collectibles, there is a wide variety of items to collect.

The Airedale has many breed specific books written years ago by early breeders and exhibitors. These books are a virtual trip back in time to the early years of the breed's establishment in America.

Collecting Airedale specific books,better dog reference works that include the Airedale, and, juvenile stories featuring the Airedale has been a personal endeavor at Imprimis.

We have been fortunate to obtain a number of great early Airedale books that reflect the breed's history both in their narrative and with their wonderful photographs. Authors such as Palmer, Hochwalt, Bruette, and Phillips, to name but a few, left an outstanding legacy of Airedale literature for today's fancier to study and enjoy.

Also, we enjoy collecting old post cards that feature the Airedale Terrier. Many of the old cards were done in England, and feature artist drawn Airedales, or actual photocards of early Airedales.

Our latest collecting interest has been acquiring old photographs of the Airedale. The Airedale may be found in old show or kennel photographs, or featured with his society owner, or, as a working farm dog. We just love the featured photograph of the Airedale with his well dressed owner, posing for a studio photograph.

The Airedale can also be collected in better works of art, prints, statuary, and a variety of other genres. The popularity of the Airedale and his commanding image gave rise to a wonderful array of breed antiques and collectibles we may all enjoy today.